A Celebration of Twenty - Disk 1 - New Growth

A note on Copyright.
Although all the songs are traditional, the versions of the lyrics presented here have been researched from various sources and adapted for IONA's arrangements. If you are going to reprint any of these lyrics please include:
© 2006 Barnaby Productions Inc.
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I’m a stranger to this country,
From America I come.
There is no one here does know me,
They do not know my name.
I’m a stranger to this country,
And I’ll tarry for a while,
And then I’ll wander further
For many a long mile.

The moon shall set in darkness.
The stars will give no light
If ever I unfaithful prove
To my dear heart’s delight.
All in the midst of ocean
Shall grow the myrtle tree,
If ever I deceitful prove
To the one that goes with me.
© 2006 Barnaby Productions Inc.


V'la l'bon vent, v'la l'joli vent
V'la l'bon vent, mon amie m'appelle
V'la l'bon vent, v'la l'joli vent
V'la bon vent mon amie m'attend

Derrière chez nous y a t-un étang.
Trois beaux canards s'en vont baignant

Trois beaux canards s'en vont baignant.
Le fils du roi s'en va chassant.

Le fils du roi s'en va chassant
Avec son grand fusil d'argent.

Avec son grand fusil d'argent,
Visa le noir tua le blanc

Visa le noir tua le blanc.
O fils du roi tu es méchant!

O fils du roi tu es méchant
D'avoir tué mon canard blanc.
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


When first I came to Louisville my fortune there to find,
I met a fair young maiden there, her beauty filled my mind.
Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips, they gave my heart no rest,
And the name she bore was Flora, the Lily of the West.

I courted lovely Flora some pleasure there to find,
But she turned unto another man which sore distressed my mind.
She robbed me of my liberty, deprived me of my rest,
Still I loved my faithless Flora, the Lily of the West.

Way down in yonder shady grove, a man of bold degree
He spoke unto my Flora there, and kissed her ‘neath a tree.
The answers that she gave to him like arrows pierced my breast.
I was betrayed by Flora, the Lily of the West.

I stepped up to my rival, my dagger in my hand.
I seized him by the collar there, and ordered him to stand.
All in my desperation, I stabbed him in the chest!
I killed a man for Flora, the Lily of the West.

I had to stand my trial, I had to make my plea.
They placed me in the prisoner’s dock and then commenced on me.
Although she swore my life away, deprived me of my rest,
Still I love my faithless Flora, the Lily of the West.
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


Potsiar peipar twigar owns agen
The potsiar o the peipar
O the knickerbocker line.
La di da di da di
Hock it on ddy chen,
The potsiar o ddy pipar
O ddy knickerbocker line.

Bachgen bach o dincer
Yn myned hyd y wlad.
Cario’i dwls a’i dacle’,
Neud ei waith yn rhad;
Yn ei law ‘roedd haearn,
Ac ar ei gefn ‘roedd bocs,
Pwt o getyn yn ei geg
A than ei drwyn ‘roedd locs.

Holi hwn ac arall
Ple’r aeth y tincer mwyn,
Gyda’i becyn ar ei gefn,
A chetyn dan ei drwyn.
Bachen bach o dincer
Ni welir yn y wlad;
Mae’n golled ar ei ôl
I ‘neud ei waith yn rhad.
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


Tu cantar arriero.
Cantar que nunca se acabara.
Empieta por traer na nina,
Acaba por traer na nina.
Empieta por traer na nina,
Acaba por traer na nina.

Dicen de los arrieros,
Cantaban por cuesta arriba.
Arriba mula gallarda,
Arriba gallarda arriba!
Arriba mula gallarda,
Arriba gallarda arriba!
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


O seallaibh curaigh Eòghainn
Is cóig raimh fhichead oirre
Seallaibh curaigh Eòghainn
‘S I seachad aig a’ Rubha Bhàn..

Bidh Eòghainn, bidh Eòghainn
Bidh Eòghainn na sgiobair oirr’
Bidh Eòghainn, bidh Eòghainn
‘S I seachad aig a’ Rubha Bhàn.
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


In Newry town I was bred and born,
At Steven’s Green now I die in scorn.
I served my time to the sovereign trade,
But I turned out to be a rovin’ blade.

At seventeen I took a wife.
I loved her dearer than I loved my life,
But for to keep her both fine and gay,
I took to robbin’ on the king’s highway.

And when my bounty it did run low
Upon the highway I was forced to go,
And I to lords and ladies ride,
And rob their gold unto my heart’s delight.

I never robbed no poor man yet,
Nor honoured tradesman that I have met,
But I to lords and to ladies ride,
And rob their jewels unto my heart’s delight.

I robbed Lord Golden I do declare,
And Lady Mansel in Grosvenor Square.
I took my share and bade them good-night,
And home I went then unto my heart’s delight.

To Covent Garden I took my way
With my dear wife for to see a play.
Lord Golden’s gang they did me pursue
And I was taken by the cursed crew.

My father cried, “Oh my darling son”.
My wife she wept and said, “I am undone!”
My mother tore her white locks and cried,
“‘Tis in the cradle he should have died!”

And when I’m dead and in my grave,
A flashy funeral pray let me have
With six bold highwaymen to carry me.
Give them the broadsword and sweet liberty.

Six pretty maidens to bear my pall:
Give them white garlands and lilies all.
And when I’m dead let them speak the truth,
“He was a wild and a wicked youth!”
© 2003 Barnaby Productions Inc.


Let the green grass grow and the waters flow
In a free and easy way,
But give me enough of the rare old stuff
That’s made near Galway Bay.
The gangers all from Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim too,
We’ll give them the slip and we’ll take a sip
Of the real old mountain dew.

At the foot of the hill there’s a neat little still
Where the smoke curls up to the sky.
By a whiff of the smell you can plainly tell
That there’s poitín, boys, close by.
It fills the air with a perfume rare
And betwixt both you and I,
As home we go we’ll take a bowl
Or a bucket full of mountain rye.

Now learned men who’ve used the pen
Have wrote the praises high
Of the sweet poitín from Ireland green
Distilled from wheat and rye.
So away with the pills that can cure all ills
Of the Christian, pagan or Jew,
So take your coat and grease your throat
With the real old mountain dew.
© 2006 Barnaby Productions Inc.

A Celebration of Twenty Disk 2 - Deep Roots - Lyrics

Since this disk is a compilation of tracks from other IONA albums, rather than reprint the lyrics we simply show the links to their original listing.

1. Sally Gardens/Hills of Connemara (The Barnaby Song)
2. Fosgail An Daras Dhan Tàilleir Fhidhleir (Open the Door for the Fiddling Tailor)
3. Fare You Well/Saltón de Candamu

4. Came Ye O'er Frae France/Gavotten ar Menez

Came ye o'er frae France?
Came ye down by London?
Saw ye Geordie Whelps,
And his bonny woman?
Were ye at the place,
Called the Kittle Housie?
Saw ye Geordie's grace,
Riding on a Goosie?

Geordie, he's a man,
There is little doubt o't,
He's done all he can,
Who can do without it?
Down there came a blade,
Linking like my lordie;
He would drive a trade,
At the loom of Geordie.

Though the cloth were bad,
Blithely may we niffer;
Gin we get a wab,
It makes little differ.
We have tint our plaid,
Bonnet, belt and swordie,
Halls and mailings braid --
But we have a Geordie.

Jocky's gone to France,
And Montgomery's lady;
There they'll learn to dance:
Madam, are you ready?
They'll be back belive,
Belted, brisk and lordly,
Brawly may they thrive,
To dance a jig with Geordie.

Hey for Sandy Don!
Hey for Cockalorum!
Hey for Bobbing John,
And his Highland quorum!
Many a sword and lance,
Swings at Highland hurdie:
How they'll skip and dance,
O'er the bum of Geordie.

5. Please to see the King/Gower Wassail
7. Lark in the Morning, Wild Geese at Night
8. Qu’avez-vous, Oui, Belle Blonde?/Ton bal Eured/Villancicu pixuatu/ Salee de Llanes

9. Beth Ywr Haf I Mi/Llongau Caernarfon

'Mae'r holl longau wrth y cei yn llwytho
Pam na chawn i fynd fel pawb i forio
Dacw dair yn dechrau warpio
Ac am hwylio heno
Birkinhead, Bordo a Wiclo.'
Toc daw'r stemar bach i douio
Golau gwyrdd ar waliau wrth fynd heibio.

All the ships are loading at the harbour
Why can't I go sailing like the others?
There are three-ships raising anchor
And will sail tonight
To Birkinhead, Bordeaux and Wicklow
There's the tug boat, come to tow them
green lights on the walls as they are passing.

Pedair llong wrth angor yn yr afon
Aros teit i fynd tan Gastell C'narfon
Dacw bedwar goleu melyn
A rhyw gwch ar gychwyn
Clywed swn y rhwyfau wedyn.
Toc daw'r stemar bach i douo
Goleu coch ar waliau wrth fynd heibio.

Four ships at anchor in the river
Keeping close to past Caernarfon castle
There are four yellow lights
And a boat is starting
Hear the sound of oars in water.
There's the tug boat, come to tow them
red lights on the walls as they are passing.

Holaf ym mhob llong ar hyd yr harbwr
Oes 'na le i hogyn fynd yn llongwr
A chael spleinsio rhaff a rhiffio
A chael dysgu llywio
A chael mynd mewn cwch i sgwlio
O na chown i fynd ar f'union
Dros y mr a hwylion l i G'narfon.

O na chawn i fynd yn llongwr
A'r holl longau'n llwytho yn yr harbwr.

I ask at every ship down in the harbour
Can they take a boy to be a sailor?
And to tie the ropes and knot them?
And stand at the helm?
And to go out on a ship to scoon?
Why can't I go, with the others
Sailing over seas, and back to C'narfon.

Oh why can't I, be a sailor
On the ships that load up in the harbour?'

10. J'ai Vu Le Loup/An Dros/Laridé
11. Donald MacGillavry/Paddy’s Leather Britches
12. Where are you Going/Aberdulais
13. Laridenn/Dacw ‘Nghariad i Lawr yn y Berllan
14. An Dro/Voici le Mois de Mai/Laridenn (Sant-Karadeg)
15. An Dros/Te Traa Goll Thie (Arrane Oie Vie)/When First Her Face I Seen

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