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Signature CD front Signature
IONA's latest CD. !
Celebrating our 31 years performing pan-Celtic music, in 51 minutes of all original arrangements we present 10 tracks comprising 24 traditional songs & dances from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Asturias, Québec, Louisiana and Appalachia.
SilverCD.jpg Silver
After 2 years of work, our 25th anniversary album was released September 2011.
In 11 tracks and almost an hour of music we blend a total of 32 songs and dances from 13 different traditions (Appalachian, Bolivian, Breton, Cajun, Cornish, French, Galician, Manx, Irish, Québécois, Scottish, Shetland, Welsh), and Barbara sings in 5 different languages. All these varied Celtic threads are woven into a single tapestry.
Holiday2fer.png Holiday Special
An IONA Christmas Special! Get Nutmeg & Ginger and Mid-Winter Light for a combined price of $15. A veritable feast of Celtic Christmas music!
Nutcover.jpg Nutmeg & Ginger
Back by popular demand after being out of print for several years. We are proud to re-issue IONA's Celtic Winter Solstice celebration.
Tunes and carols from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia are woven together vocally and instrumentally. With guest performances by U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, Elke Baker, on two of the tracks. Barbara Ryan, Bernard Argent, and Diana McFadden. 49 minutes. First released in 1996.
MWLcd.jpg Mid-Winter Light
Released in November 2009. This EP features nearly 14 minutes of seasonal Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and even England! The first IONA album to include fiddler Jim Queen and dancer Kathleen Larrick, along with band stalwarts Barbara Ryan, Bernard Argent, and Chuck Lawhorn.
DVD Package Live! at the 333
IONA's first full length concert DVD.
This is a 73 minute video of the performance at the 333 Coffee House in Annapolis, MD on May 18 2012.
It includes plenty of Kathleen's dancing. There is an option to cut out the lengthy introductions and just play the music. English subtitles are available for the songs in other languages.
Overseas customers please note that it is an NTSC video and is not compatible with the PAL system used in European TVs.
20cd.jpg A Celebration of Twenty
IONA's 20th anniversary double CD released in May 2006 and voted Best Folk-Traditional Recording of 2006 by the Washington Area Music Association. It comprises a disk of 11 all-new tracks and a disk of 15 tracks from the previous 5 albums all digitally re-mastered. The fiddling of Andrew Dodds is featured on all the new tracks, where he joins Barbara Ryan (vocals, bouzouki, bodhran) Bernard Argent (flute, doumbek) and Chuck Lawhorn (bass).
4Pack 2013.gif 4 Pack CD Special
Save 20% by buying these four IONA favorites together: Silver, Branching Out, Birken Tree and The Sound of IONA.
brcd.gif Branching Out
The first album with Chuck's amazing bass guitar, it continues IONA's pan-Celtic explorations, adding Cajun and even some clogging to the usual IONA mix of Scottish, Irish, Manx, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, Galician, Asturian and Appalachian... Great piping, singing, fluting and percussion from Barbara Ryan, Bernard Argent, Bob Mitchell and Chuck Lawhorn with footwork by dancer, Susan Walmsley. 52 minutes. Released in 2003.
btcd.gif Birken Tree
The album where all the acoustic elements of IONA's approach really come together. Nick Smiley's mandolin, bouzouki & bass, Bob Mitchell's piping, Barbara Ryan's singing and Bernard Argent's fluting are all at their best. It continues IONA's pan-Celtic explorations, adding Appalachian and Asturian themes to the usual mix of Scottish, Irish, Manx, Welsh, Cornish and Breton. 48 minutes. Released in 2000.
soicd.gif The Sound of IONA
Taking its name from the stretch of water between the islands of Iona and Mull, the album features piping, harping, bouzouki, bodhran/doumbek duets and vocal harmonies. Traditional Scottish, Irish, Manx, Welsh, Cornish and Breton plus an original song by Loralyn Coles. The same IONA with some very new ideas from the line up of Barbara Ryan, Bernard Argent, National Scottish Harp Champion, Mary Fitzgerald, and world class piper, Bob Mitchell.. with guest appearances by Abby Newton on cello and legendary Breton singer Nolwenn Monjarret. 51 minutes. Released in 1998
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